Thursday, 12 October 2017

Introducing... The Vaginismus Network

So, after being cryptic and secretive about some big plans in my last few posts, I am very excited and delighted to announce that myself and my friend Lisa, that I met through this blog, have made a thing!

Please check out the website and join us at The Vaginismus Network:

The Vaginismus Network has been created to give people living with vaginismus a way to find one another, connect, chat, laugh, meet and make friends.  That was my main motivation when I started writing on Hey Vaginismus- I wanted to meet someone with the same condition as me and have a chat about it. I am pleased to say I have now met 3 women with vaginismus in real life, and talked to somewhere around 100 via email and twitter.  Yesterday, myself and 2 other women with vaginismus stood in a busy London street and had a chat about dilators.  And it felt totally normal.  Honest.  Can you imagine? I never thought this would happen for me, and now that it has, I want everyone with vaginismus to have the same experience.  You deserve to.

Since meeting Lisa, only in May this year, my outlook and how I feel about vaginismus has changed (as I always knew it would!).  Hopefully, through The Vaginismus Network, we can create even more connections and friendships and support one another through treatment, dilating and beyond...

So please have a look at the website and join the network. It's easy to do- just get in touch with your contact email and location.  That's it.
It's also still a work in progress so we welcome any ideas, suggestions or feedback. We want to get this right. That's very important.

We're hoping to have our first meet up in the new year.  Aiming to have a room full of vaginismus- with no shame, and lots of fun and laughter.

I am really excited and proud of what Lisa and I have created, and so hopeful that it will make a real difference- I really hope you like it xx

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  1. Primary Vaginismus. 
    If you have it, then your body is NOT designed for sex. 

    It is God's way of telling a woman that she is DESTINED to become a nun or celibate. 
    So if you have it, go on and BECOME A NUN.
    Or be CELIBATE. 
    That's because it is God's way of controlling the global population. God created women with such sexual dysfunction to keep them away from sex and thus preventing conception. Unfortunately, most women don't realize it and would still go through days and weeks of therapy which is just time consuming. 

    Trying to remedy your condition is against God's will.
    God does NOT want you to have sex. 
    If your a woman, don't get married & don't have sex if your VAGINA wont let you.
    God had CLOSED the gates of your virginity.
    FACE IT! You have a NUN'S VAGINA.
    It is time to give up on men and become a NUN.

    VAGINISMUS may be the answer to overpopulation.
    God truly works in strange ways.
    I am now an enlightened man.