Wednesday, 25 January 2017

5 Seconds of Fame

This morning I talked to a journalist about my vagina.


An article was published by the BBC this morning about painful sex, which touched on a number of conditions, including our favourite, vaginismus.   Read it here!

I was contacted and asked to do an interview for BBC radio.  Originally I said no.  I am still super anonymous online, and my friends and family don't know about this.  I dreaded the idea of them driving along the road, casually listening to the radio and suddenly hearing my voice and realising I have been keeping a pretty major secret from them.

But luckily, the radio people were very understanding and offered to give me a fake name and an actors voice.

So I did it.

And you can listen here (Listen from 4:00 min)

Now, I think it's bloody brilliant that vaginismus was talked about on a national radio station.  At lunch time!  I'm not sure how many people would have heard it, but my very scientific guess is LOADS. And hopefully it's helped someone.  Because the more we can talk about vaginismus, in the middle of the day whilst eating our sandwiches, the more we can remove the shame, embarrassment and secrecy.

Speaking of shame, embarrassment and secrecy, I must confess that I snuck out of my office and gave the interview sitting at the side of a road, in my car.  And, of course, refused to let my real name or voice be used.  Because I'm not quite ready to be the vaginismus poster girl yet.  I'm currently the undercover vaginismus secret agent.

But maybe one day... :-)



  1. An Overcomertobe7 February 2017 at 23:39

    Hey undercover V secret agent, you did a great job!

  2. Hello. They're both unavailable at the moment . Is there anyway I can read the article and listen to the interview ?
    Thank you

  3. Primary Vaginismus. 
    If you have it, then your body is NOT designed for sex. 

    It is God's way of telling a woman that she is DESTINED to become a nun or celibate. 
    So if you have it, go on and BECOME A NUN.
    Or be CELIBATE. 
    That's because it is God's way of controlling the global population. God created women with such sexual dysfunction to keep them away from sex and thus preventing conception. Unfortunately, most women don't realize it and would still go through days and weeks of therapy which is just time consuming. 

    Trying to remedy your condition is against God's will.
    God does NOT want you to have sex. 
    If your a woman, don't get married & don't have sex if your VAGINA wont let you.
    God had CLOSED the gates of your virginity.
    FACE IT! You have a NUN'S VAGINA.
    It is time to give up on men and become a NUN.

    VAGINISMUS may be the answer to overpopulation.
    God truly works in strange ways.
    I am now an enlightened man.