Monday, 21 November 2016

Vaginismus Holiday

Hello lovely vaginismus friends!

I am temporarily living somewhere else... My husband is working away for two months, and in an unusual move, I have decided to join him.  We have a little flat in a brand new city, and, while he is at work, I am planning to use my time super productively.

I have plans to write more.  Make a website for my business.  Catch up on admin that I've been avoiding. Do more yoga.  That kinda thing.

But most of all, ladies, I am going to dilate dilate dilate!  I am always moaning on here about not having time to dilate, not having headspace to think about vaginismus, not having a minute to write new blog posts.

Well, suddenly, I am gifted with QUITE A LOT OF FREE TIME.  It's my vaginismus holiday.

So, it would be silly not to use it, right?

So expect many more updates here- hopefully filled with motivation and progress! I haven't used my dilators in a little while, so I am expecting the first attempts to be a bit difficult, but hoping that the new location, headspace and sense of calm that I have being away from the 'office' might be exactly what is needed to take some steps forward.

First, I need to get back to where I was (D3, second from biggest, going in with minimal pain).  I am pretty sure there's no chance that thing is going in there to begin with. But I'll persevere.  And then I need to move on.  D4 and beyond.  Imagine!

So, speak to you all soon and regularly I hope!

As always, email if you want a chat! I'm pleased to say quite a number of women have been in touch asking for vaginismus contacts in their area.  So if you've been holding back, dont be shy! There might be a new, supportive friend waiting for you in the wings! 

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