Monday, 28 November 2016

Back in the Game

Well, I think this is a first... I am writing this post with a dilator inserted! Ha! There's a nice image for you all.

Luckily whatever was making me sore seems to have cleared up and I am now dilator ready again! Hooray.

Decided to be sensible and stick on D0.  But two things happened differently today.

1. I controlled the runny lube like a BOSS. Today it only went where it was supposed to go.
2. I found my vagina like an expert, and slid dilator in with zero faffing and prodding.


So I might still be on the smallest dilator for now, but it is quite exciting to see little bits of progress from day to day.

When I had the 'sore fanny'- I presumed it was down to dilating, but decided to do a little google self-diagnosis just in case.  Visiting Dr. Google is literally the worst thing you could ever do.  You are almost always dying.

Most of my options were sexually transmitted diseases.  NOT LIKELY GOOGLE.

Which got me thinking. There are some benefits to living a sensible life of vaginismus.

1. I have never had an STD
2. I have never had a pregnancy scare
3. I have never had a boyfriend who was only with me 'for the sex'

Whilst these things are possibly viewed as rites of passage for young people, I am quite happy to have dodged them.

So, thanks vaginismus.  Acknowledging your positives wasn't easy, so please be kind to me over the next while!

Can you think of any other positives? Might make an interesting post? Drop me a line


  1. LOL! Congrats for being back! One of the positive things of V is simply, proof of love. If your partner can live and support you for years to get through this condition, then he is the one that worth to live and enjoy sex with him for the rest of your lives.

    1. That is so true! You know you've found a good one when you tell them about vaginismus and they dont run a mile! :-)

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