Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Have Yourself A Merry Vaginismus!


I am going to be flitting around the country visiting family and friends, so am officially signing off for Christmas (unless anything MAJOR happens. Like I have sex or whatever. Then I'll probably write something).

A couple of things before I go...

Christmas has come early at Hey Vaginismus HQ, thanks to the lovely people at Jo Divine.  We have been chatting over on Twitter and they have very kindly sent me a box of products which will hopefully help with and compliment vaginismus treatment.  I'll be writing about how I get on with the products but just for your info, I will be trying: OhMiBod Lovelife Dream vibrator , Yes Organic Water Based Lubricant and Yes Organic Oil Based Lubricant.

Here's me and my festive nails modelling the products...

Thanks Jo Divine! Pretty excited to play with my new things!

Also, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has read the blog, retweeted, emailed and commented on what I have been writing. 

Vaginismus is no fun, but Hey Vaginismus! has most definitely helped me to find some light in a pretty hard situation.  I am hoping 2016 is the year I say farewell to vaginismus forever, but if it isn't, I know that I have lots of great people supporting me through Hey Vaginismus!


Please have lot's of sex!



  1. There's a show here in the US called "Jane the virgin"... About a woman who chooses to be a virgin till she's married, and at one point becomes artificially inseminated...and has a baby..

    How wonderful would it be if she eventually got married, and they diagnose her with vaginismus. Would go a long way in spreading some awareness...also would be an amazing, unexpected plot twist!

    1. That would be amazing (not for poor Jane of course!) Apparently there was show called Masters of Sex that had an episode about a patient with vaginismus. I didn't watch it but have just reminded myself about it and might try and track it down! Can't think of any other TV shows or films that deal with it... x

  2. Oh definitely not fun for Jane..
    I did watch a few episodes of masters of's interesting.. Would be good to watch during one of the extended insertion sessions :D