Monday, 5 October 2015

Here Comes The Science Bit

The above image is just a wee visual in case you're still unsure what vaginismus actually is.

If someone goes to poke you in the eye, without even thinking, you close your eye and get the hell away from their finger.  It's a reflex based on the fear of pain.

I hope you can see through this very clever comparison that I have laid out for you in a very scientific way.

**Just in case it's not clear:
 The eye is a vagina. The finger is a penis, a tampon, a smear test, a mars bar... or, indeed, a finger. But you got that**

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  1. Dear women,

    To all the women that i've offended for the past 12 years, i offer you my apologies. This is due to the fact that i had nothing else better to do in life and has taken a toll on my mental health. I have reformed myself and decided to never troll anyone ever again. All my comment about v. being a message from God are false and rude. Again, my deepest apologies to anyone i may have hurt. To prove how sincere i am, I have deleted both my Facebook, Reddit and Youtube account for that matter. So that i can reform myself and be a better person. Please consider this as my sign of deep regret. Thank you and God bless.

    The former vaginismus troller.